About the show

PLANET AMERICA is a weekly TV show looking at the United States and its politics from an outsider’s perspective. Produced in Australia for the national broadcaster the ABC, PLANET AMERICA is a news show with a difference. Experienced journalism and expertise meet a data-driven approach to wonky policy issues, it cuts through partisanship and fake news with cold, hard and often entertaining facts.

PLANET AMERICA covered its second election in 2016, and continues to analyze the Trump administration. It is anchored by journalist and author John Barron, who is also a Research Associate at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, and co-hosted by Chas Licciardello, a well-known Australian satirist and renown US politics obsessive with a “Rainman” like head for facts and statistics.

Without an ideological barrow to push, or a political dog in the fight, PLANET AMERICA sets out to explain what is happening each week in the United States to people outside America. That can involve taking a deep dive into issues like crime and immigration, the filibuster or the congressional Republicans who failed to support healthcare reforms.

Planet America, Aired Feb 12th, 2017

The Guests

PLANET AMERICA looks for guests with specific expertise and experience, rather than the usual talking heads. We’ve spoken to presidential candidates, campaign insiders, senior policy advisers, and those working in academic institutions and think tanks to find answers to America’s most pressing social, economic and political issues. Opinion is cheap, but now more than ever, expertise is invaluable.



The Audience

PLANET AMERICA has more viewers than any other program on Australia’s top-rating all news channel ABC News. Between 500,000 and 600,000 Australians tune in each week to find out what’s going on in America, and why.

PLANET AMERICA is also one of the top news and current affairs programs on the ABC’s catch-up service iView, and is simulcast nationally on the ABC’s NewsRadio network.

The weekly program, which is currently produced in a 28:30 min format, is recorded on Friday and broadcast across multiple platforms on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.




Audiences and guests alike appreciate the independence, depth and informative nature of PLANET AMERICA and enjoy it’s ready sense of humor and lively banter between the hosts and their guests. American politics is never dull, neither is a trip to PLANET AMERICA!

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